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Our technical expertise helps contractors choose the best windows and doors, taking into consideration code compliance, structural requirements, energy efficiency, and more.


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  • “ I have been involved with building luxury residences and renovation projects in Vero Beach for over 12 years now, and as any contractor can tell you, our industry is one of constant change. However, some things never change. The long-term commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction by H.B.S. is a shining example of that. As a company, they’ve certainly undergone their share of change, but always in the name of improvement. From their professional staff, to their quality products and workmanship, to their service after the sale, H.B.S. has become known as a name you can count on. ”

    – Rick Hope, The Hope Company, General Contractors

  • “ From the planning stages all the way through their expert installation, H.B.S. has the knowledgeable and professional staff to help keep our projects running smoothly. ”

    – Roy Wissel, Wissel Construction, Inc.

  • Peirce and Associates Architecture and Construction, Inc. designs and builds unique custom luxury estate homes in and around Vero Beach. In our harsh coastal environment these homes require the finest quality and the most sophisticated products available. Pierce and Associates demand suppliers know their product, install and service their product within our stringent quality control conditions. At the heart of the design are windows and doors. H.B.S. Glass has continually met our requirements for over fifteen years and has been an integral part of our success. ”

    – Mark Peirce, Peirce and Associates Architecture and Construction, Inc.

  • “ In 2010 they celebrate their 32nd anniversary. During this time, we have been privileged to build several hundred homes and condominiums in John’s Island, Windsor, Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club and The Moorings as well as other beautiful areas on the Treasure Coast. Without hesitation, I can tell you that H.B.S. has provided my clients sustained service, customer support, and product knowledge that has been exceptional for each and every home we have constructed. In my entire building experience, no other window and door dealer has even come close! ”

    – David Croom, Croom Construction Company

  • “ H.B.S. has consistently provided professional service. They have always been helpful while understanding and maintaining respect for the design intentions of a project. When H.B.S. is chosen to provide windows and doors it is reassuring to know that the results will be excellent! ”

    – Peter D. Moor, Moor & Associates, Architects, P.A.

  • “ We have worked with and specified H.B.S.'s products for over twenty years. It's been a great relationship. They simply do what they say. ”

    – Clem Schaub, Clemens Bruns Schaub / Architect and Associates, PA

H.B.S., Inc. is proud to be one of the largest full-service window and door distributors on the southeast coast of Florida.

The window and door industry has become an extremely technical and specialized field, especially in hurricane-prone areas like Florida. As a result, H.B.S., Inc. has chosen to specialize in the distribution and installation of premium window, door, and glass products. We leave the sale of other types of building materials to more general home building supply companies.

Our location in the central business/industrial area of Vero Beach and Jupiter makes service calls and deliveries to all areas of the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches.

If you’d like to learn more about how H.B.S., Inc. can help you, contact us now or call at 772-567-7461. We’ve been distributing top-quality, high-performance products since 1973.

Window and Door Installation

We have more than 30 years of experience in new construction installation of windows and doors, as well as remodeling and retrofit applications. We employ only qualified, experienced estimators to completely review our projects for code compliance and produce accurate and honest proposals.

Our installation staff are experts in code-approved window and door installation. This is important because impact-resistant products have to be exactly positioned and meet stringent fastening criteria. To that end, we use high-tech laser equipment for window and door alignment to assure everything fits perfectly. To facilitate the final inspection process, we pre-inspect our own products and installation, as well as waterproof our own windows and provide bucking services.

We bring our engineering knowledge to every job we do, meaning we can often create innovative products or find solutions that would evade other installers. You can count on the fact that our products go beyond what you can buy off-the-shelf—and our deep knowledge of code requirements means we can make modifications or adaptations as necessary to ensure your finished product is as safe as it is beautiful.

Florida Building Code Experts

On March 1, 2002, Florida adopted a new building code enforcing stricter requirements for homeowners and builders. Builders in coastal counties are now required to strengthen houses to withstand winds of 140 to 175 miles per hour depending on location. This translates to the requirement of approved hurricane shutters or impact-resistant windows and doors on all new construction and remodeling projects.

H.B.S. has been working with impact-resistant products and meeting the highest standards of hurricane code approval for more than half a decade. Our staff are experts in interpreting the new Florida Building Code, and all of our products are tested and approved according to Miami-Dade County or SBCCI standards.

We also offer window and door repair, replacement, service, and installation. Our engineering experience means that we can provide structural modifications or adaptations necessary to provide a safe and beautiful product for our customers.

Window and Door Showroom

Our Vero Beach building is a 20,000 square-foot multi-use structure which houses our offices, a modern, up-to-date showroom, and has a rear shop area with warehouse space. This location affords us the availability of additional warehouse/storage space in very close proximity to our building for storing materials for very large projects.

H.B.S., Inc. has 15 service trucks on the road every day, plus two trucks for deliveries, along with 33 highly skilled mechanics and shop personnel. We employ a six-person staff of management and clerical personnel with a broad range of design and engineering experience.

Our references and credentials? Read some of our testimonials or just take a look at some of the jobs we have done! And if you’re ready to learn more about what H.B.S., Inc. can do for you, contact us now or give us a call at 772-567-7461.