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Window & Door Services in Southern Florida


H.B.S., Inc. not only sells a complete line of code-approved, impact-resistant products—we also install, service, and repair them in the Southern Florida area. In addition, we provide commercial glazing services along with custom mirror and shower door installations.

Window and Door Installation

We have more than 30 years of experience in new construction installation of windows and doors in the Vero Beach, FL area, as well as remodeling and retrofit applications. We employ only qualified, experienced estimators to completely review our projects for code compliance and produce accurate and honest proposals.

Our windows installers are experts in code-approved product installation. This is important because impact-resistant products have to be exactly positioned and meet stringent fastening criteria. To that end, we use high-tech laser equipment for window and door alignment to assure everything fits perfectly. To facilitate the final inspection process, we pre-inspect our own products and installation, as well as waterproof our own windows and provide bucking services.

We bring our engineering knowledge to every job we do, meaning we can often create innovative products or find solutions that would evade other installers. You can count on the fact that our products go beyond what you can buy off-the-shelf—and our deep knowledge of code requirements means we can make modifications or adaptations as necessary to ensure your finished product is as safe as it is beautiful.

Window and Door Replacement

The staff at H.B.S., Inc. has been installing replacement windows and doors in homes since 1976. We use our own licensed and insured installation crews that are full-time employees of H.B.S. Our crews are motivated to do the job right, no matter how detailed the installation, because our business reputation is on the line with each window that we install.

H.B.S. has a far different philosophy from the larger home stores that subcontract the labor to independent “pieceworkers.” These pieceworkers are motivated to install as many windows as possible in the shortest amount of time to maximize their labor profit.

This is a very bad arrangement for the homeowner. He or she has just been sent on a blind date with an installation crew that is only motivated to finish the project as quickly as possible. This subcontracted relationship is the breeding ground for shortcuts and the “can’t see it from my house” attitude toward quality. Remember, even the best windows and doors will only perform as well as their installation.

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Looking for references and credentials? Read some of our testimonials or just take a look at some of the jobs we have done! And if you’re ready to learn more about what H.B.S., Inc. can do for you, contact us now or give us a call at 772-567-7461.